Sunday, May 29, 2011


We woke up Sunday expecting a fairly laid back day. We only needed to do a little more surveying, and we would be done with our data collection. However, after double-checking some building plans we had been provided with, we noticed some pretty major discrepancies, and spent the morning measuring buildings and getting more accurate measurements. With our work finished, we decided to celebrate with lunch and a quick power nap.
In the late afternoon, Andrew and Ben accompanied the male students for a short walk and a lively conversation to the nearby town of Jatun-Kasa for a game of soccer with professors at the local school. What we originally thought was going to be a nice brisk 20-minute game turned into an intense hour-long marathon with the thin mountain air as a constant enemy. As the sun set, the game concluded and we walked back to the school with aching legs, ready for our last dinner at CECTFIA.

That night, we passed the time watching more movies with the students and started packing for our departure the next day.

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