Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Day Before Asanquiri

Sunday morning dawned as our last day in La Paz. For the morning, the team decided to split up. Sara Monti and Andrew attended mass at the lglesia de San Francisco, while Sara Allen and Ben, being less confident in their ability to understand the all-Spanish service, decided to get a jump on scheduling the bus for the afternoon and squeeze in a little more exploration of the city. They were able to find a small local joint for breakfast, and accidentally ordered cow intestine (we think) stew for breakfast. Quite a way to start the day.

Around noon, the team reunited in the bus terminal. After a light lunch, the team purchased “semi-cama” (semi-bed in English, which simply meant more space and a nicer footrest) tickets for the 2:30 bus to Cochabamba.The 7-hour bus drive from La Paz to Cochabamba was marked by a wonderful view of the Bolivian Altiplano (the high, arid plains common to Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador), an overall descent of 4000 feet, and a gorgeous sunset across the mountains.

Upon arrival in Cochabamba, we met up with Luc and his wife, who gave us a quick tour of the city. At the conclusion of the tour we headed to his house to talk about the project over a pizza and crash on his floor for the night.

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