Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Bolivian Mother's Day!

Waking up Friday, we enjoyed our last breakfast with all of the students before some headed home for the weekend. After breakfast, a professor showed us a few projects around CECTFIA, and we hiked down to Asanquiri for a Mother’s day celebration. Arriving in the town, we were ushered into the school by the head teacher, and seated while he made preparations. As we waited, children trickled in to the building, and we were able to play with them until a small gathering of women came in. When all was ready, the teacher came back in and started playing music, and the children did their best to recreate ethnic dances, complete with masks and traditional wear. However, they weren’t quite on par with their routine, and the teacher had to often toot a whistle to remind them of the next step.

When the dancing was over, we were invited to help prepare lunch and dine with the mothers and their children. When all was finished a few hours later, we slowly hiked up the mountain to CECTFIA for an afternoon of data entry and analysis. That evening, a few of the students had decided to remain at CECTFIA for the weekend, and so we had a more personal dinner with them, followed by an evening of watching telenovellas (Hispanic soap operas).

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