Thursday, May 26, 2011


And all of a sudden we were half way through our stay in Asanquiri. Last night, we decided to split our duties between teaching the second level students and surveying CECTFIA.

After a morning of teaching the second level of students, the Saras met up with Ben and Andrew who had just received a tour from Marcario going over the water systems throughout CECTFIA. We joined forces over the afternoon and took coliform counts, partook in a nap and continued surveying. At 4:45 Sara M, took leave of the surveying crew and joined our hosts in preparing dinner.

After dinner Andrew and Ben took to the computer room to see what could be done about the improving the performance of the computers. That night, the students were given access to the TV in the teachers dorms, and spent the evening watching Juana Alvarez music video, followed by an astoundingly low-budget Japanese kung fu flick. Around 11 PM, the professors turned off the TV and made the students go to bed. After a short meeting, we did the same.

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