Saturday, May 28, 2011


While the weekend provided a break for the students, we were far from done. After waking up and having a breakfast of flat, fried dough and hot chocolate, we split up to tackle the day. Sara Allen and Monti stayed at the CECTFIA to help teach our fast-forming friend Don Mario how to perform water quality tests and start a thorough review of the previously installed rainwater catchment system. Meanwhile, Ben and Andrew squeezed in a bit more surveying, and prepared for another hike to the upper spring.

During this entire time, a few of the students were convincing us to come with them for a day trip to Arampampa (a nearby city, about 2 hours walking distance) and an afternoon of playing together as a soccer team. Unfortunately, business comes before pleasure, so we stuck with our tasks.
When Ben and Andrew returned, we devoted our full energies to checking over the system. Overall the system has been a great asset for the school; providing the students and professors with additional water from the wet season and is generally in good condition. At the time of surveying, the tank had no water, so checking everything went very smoothly. For full information on our review, see our report, which will be released in a few weeks.

When the review was done, we helped prepare a spaghetti dinner for the remaining students. Over a cup of after-dinner tea, we had a very candid discussion with Rolando Quispe, a professor, and some of the students. The evening was then spent in the professor’s dorm watching “Troy” with the students.

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