Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 2: 5/20/15

We started our day today by taking a taxi down to El Museo de Instrumentos Musicales de Bolivia, or the Bolivian Musical Instrument Museum.  We got a good taste of some of the musical history of Bolivia, and even got to try out some of the instrument on display!  There were some really bizarre and interesting ones!

After some more shopping and walking around the city, we came across a really neat plaza where we stayed for while.  While we were they a band started playing the Bolivian national anthem, which was an awesome sight to see.

For lunch we dined at a place called Cafe Arte Tomino. It was a giant open building with statues of Roman figures scattered throughout, unlike any cafe I've ever been to.  

Here's what our food looked like!  Pork, potatoes and corn

After lunch we headed to another Museum.  This time it was the Museo de Coca, which refers to the coca plant indigenous to Bolivia which is a huge part of their culture and has many uses.  Chewing on the coca leaf is a common practice among many natives, and it is said to help a lot with altitude sickness, which is a common ailment do to La Paz being 11,000 feet above sea level.  It's also been used as anesthesia, used to make tea, as well as an ingredient in Coca Cola.  

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