Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 6 and Day7: 5/24/15

Day 6:

Our morning consisted of Hernan and Ben working in the tank chiseling off the Sika lining so we can reinforce the walls with sand concrete to stop the leaking.

Taking off the tank lid turned out to be quite the strenuous task.
 While this was happening, Zoli began to clear the area uphill from the tank for the diversion ditch.

Meanwhile, Laura, Colin and Kia worked on making an incubator for the coli form tests, as well as making a secchi disc to test the turbidity of the upper and lower springs.

 After a morning of hard work, this afternoon we got invited to watch a bull fight! None of us really knew what to expect, but it turned out to be really cool!  A bunch of locals get together and have this event every year, and it turns into a big party as well as a competition.  Everyone was super happy to have us and we got offered all kinds of different foods while we were there. It was a great privilege to see this unique part of their culture!  Here are some action shots of the fight.

El ganador

Day 7:  

There's nothing much more to report for today, a lot of the same tasks as yesterday.  We finally finished chiseling off the Sika lining, and the walls are ready for cement! And here's a picture of Colin's amazing incubator!

Workin' hard for that spring water

Kia should seriously be a photographer. Just look at that.

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