Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 4: 5/22/15

After a night spent in Cochabamba, we got up bright and early to meet our community contact, Damian Sirpa, to travel to the project site in Asanquiri about four hours away.  But before we could leave we had to drive around the city and gather some supplies.  Damian helped us navigate through the hectic streets of Cochabamba to get what we need. 

The 4-hour drive in Damian’s truck to Asanquiri was a little terrifying driving through the mountains on a dirt trail with no guardrail, but beautiful regardless.

It was dark once we finally reached Asanquiri and the view of the night sky was breathtaking.  It was refreshing to be away from the big cities and enjoy the surrounding wilderness.

Here’s what our rooms looked like! The beds were actually pretty warm and comfortable.

After we got settled we talked with Damian about our schedule for the coming week and what we want to get accomplished.  We were also introduced to one of the teachers at the school, Zoli.  They were really thankful that we were there and really excited to get the project started!

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