Saturday, May 18, 2013

One/two days before our 2013 implementation departure! Excitement doesn't even describe how we're feeling!! We had to split into two groups since we couldn't all get on the same flight. The first group will be leaving Monday afternoon and the second group will be leaving Tuesday afternoon. 

Travel Team short bios: 

Paul Gannett - Sophomore in Materials Science. Paul is one of our safety officers and assessment/construction assistant.
Christina Lee - Graduate student in Environmental Engineering. Christina has been our communicator and will be our Spanish speaker/translator. 
Ben Lord - Graduated from Environmental Engineering. Project lead and oversaw all components of the trip.
Wes McNeely - Junior in Civil Engineering. Wes is in charge of the construction plan. 
Alec Pura - Senior in Biological & Agriculture Engineering. Alec will be the next project lead and will be in charge of assessing for future implementation projects. 
Laura Saleeby - Junior in Biological & Agriculture Engineering. Laura is also a safety officer and assessment/construction assistant. 
Kia Whittlesey - Project Mentor. As our mentor, Kia oversaw all of our designs and will be helping us with the design technicalities/construction. 

The goal for this implementation trip will be constructing a rainwater harvesting system out of an existing concrete tank. This will include putting in a pipe system to connect the roof to the tank, a diversion wall to redirect runoff from entering the tank, a tank lid, and sealing the tank with Sika Top Seal 107. A huge thank you to Sika for donating their product to us! 

We'll continue to give updates on this blog and through e-mails whenever we can! 

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