Friday, May 24, 2013

A quick note before we begin: We arrived at CETHA (our project site waaaayyyyy out in the boonies)! We don’t have internet access though for the next 10 days, but Ben and Christina are making a quick day trip to Cochabamba, so Ben will be able to put up these few posts as one but there won’t be any pictures.We´ll come back later and format everything but we figured an update would be good.

It was a bit of a slow morning for us all, but we headed out to the bus station for our 8 hour road trip to Cochabamba! I wish I could say more things about this bus ride, but we all pretty much slept the whole time. We rode on the top of a double decker bus and had the front seats, so it was like watching Bolivia as an IMAX movie. Quite exciting! Speaking of exciting, we saw LLAMAS! Packs of wild ones, up in the mountain. As we crossed the grand high plains of Bolivia (known here  as the Altiplano), we were struck by the vastness of the open spaces. Deserts would run for miles and miles, sprinkled with a few abandoned looking towns and water seemed quite scarce. It was obvious to see where rivers and streams would run through, but they were pretty much dried up. We arrived in Cochabamba a little late into the evening, went to our hostel, and ventured for some dinner before an early bedtime. Our day really was spent on the bus…

View from top of a double decker bus. Stuck in crazy traffic while leaving La Paz.
Bathroom stop along the Altiplano

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