Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our last day of "rest"

Good morning Cochabamba! We woke up early today to get a head start on our remaining tasks. We left the hostel around 8 to check out some of the local hardware stores and take a rough inventory of potential supplies. After a brisk walk through downtown Cochabamba, we found several stores. After explaining who we are and our project, several storeowners were more than eager to exchange contact information and allowed us to view their catalog. During out stroll, we were able to get a lovely glimpse of Cochabamba. Quite different from La Paz, it has a much more European feel, with sprawling plazas, tree-lined avenues, and statues in the middle of almost every roundabout.

In the afternoon, we visited one of the older parts of the city and strolled through a local artisan market. Our bags slightly more full, we headed back to the hostel to prepare for our an evening meeting with a Cochabamba Rotary Club chapter. With a few hours to spare before the meeting, we decided to squeeze in a little bit more tourism and visit the world’s largest statue of Jesus, perched on a hill overlooking the city. As we took pictures and marveled at the view, we were treated to a beautiful sunset over the mountains lining the Cochabamba valley.

The meeting that evening went over quite well. While the chapter president was absent, we were able to meet with the secretary and once again exchange contact information and lay the ground for a possible future relationship.

To celebrate the conclusion of our trip, we all went out for ice cream afterwards, and spent the evening watching the city fly by around us.

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